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Afghani #1 Feminized seeds are created with the top indica parents from our collection of special Afghan cultivars. Sensi Seeds’ best hash plants have been distilled into a feminized indoor seed variety that gives growers textbook examples of the ‘Afghanica’ genotype every time. afghan seeds feminized

Expect sturdy, medium sized plants with thick lateral branches and profuse, dark green foliage. For full-sized plants with optimal yield, Afghani #1 Feminized seeds should be vegetated for at least 8 to 10 weeks before flowering. With a shorter growing period, plants can be kept to final height of under 100cm. Height gain during flowering is in the normal indica range, with plants roughly doubling their vegetated height over the blooming period.

This strain finishes quickly, making closely spaced knots of mature bud 7 to 9 weeks after the onset of flowering. Plants grown from Afghani #1 Feminized seeds usually give their best yield with a single main stem and unpruned branches. Plants which are ‘topped’ in order to increase branching and budding sites should be given several extra weeks of growing time before flowering.pure afghan feminized seeds

Although Cannabis indica takes its name from India, cannabis seeds from Afghanistan give us the most perfect examples of the short, powerful, dense-flowering indica family. The vast Indian subcontinent is home to all types of cannabis, including true indicas – which are mostly found in the mountainous north of the country. The short, fast growth pattern of the indica genotype is a result of cannabis adapting to the varied and extreme conditions of a high altitude environment.

Effect, flavour and smell of Afghani #1 Feminized

Whether consumed as weed, kief or hashish: Afghani #1 delivers the desired effect! Make sure you’ve finished your to-do list before consuming it, because there’s a good chance this potent indica will have you chained to your sofa. The body-centric, deeply relaxing and sensual effect is long-lasting, which many people appreciate. This cannabis strain has also earned itself a name as a natural relaxation aid.

The resinous flavour is a central element in the bouquet of Afghani #1, which is complemented by earthy, sweet and very spicy notes.



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5 reviews for afghan seeds feminized

  1. Missy Dodd

    I ordered five seeds of The Afghani strain. It was at the beginning of the pandemic, and I had a little trouble getting them before 30 days. I have three little girls that are three weeks old, and I want to be the first to say”WOW”… GENETICS MEAN A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE….they look like they are on steroids….also 2 seeds did not germinate but they said they will send me extra seeds in my next order..
    This is a “Great place”to get great seeds….420 Marijuana Memes:)

  2. Lilly-Mae Greaves

    I had a bad experience sent a message and didn’t even get half a pound from all 5 seeds and i had them in the perfect growing environment just bummed.

  3. Mekhi Salinas

    Just ordered these, I can’t wait to add to my garden. I’ve ordered amnesia, wedding cake, white rhino, power plant, crystal, and white widow so far. About a 80% germination rate. And the first 3 are almost finished flowering. Haven’t been disappointed yet. I would definitely recommend and have recommended to others.

  4. Willow Mcmanus

    Anyone worries about seeds arriving and how long it will take, just count on it being a month with covid going on, but I’ve ordered several times and just made another 4 orders and the first 3 came in about a month or less, and out of 15 seeds , the first 9, 7 germinated and sprouted and are almost finished flowering. And I can say I have no worries about the next 4 orders showing. I did make all 4 strains on separate orders, cost more for shipping but less chance in something happening to 4 packages as there is in all in the same package. Just my opinion, hope I’m not wrong but I have faith in High Supplies. Very reliable and high quality. So be at ease when ordering. Highly recommend Amnesia strain.

  5. Makayla Moses

    This strain was very potent, smelled amazing, tasted amazing, and looked amazing. I would definitely recommend this strain and also plan to buy it again in the future. Out of the three total strains flowered together (afghan, cheese, white widow) this strain was the top choice. The taste was unforgettable in papers and the potency was top notch in every last puff. Very happy with this strain.

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