Blue Dream Cartridge

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10 reviews for Blue Dream Cartridge

  1. Libbi Mayer

    Love blue dream ???? my go to definitely a must will be very happy ???? you did ????????????

  2. Aneesah Bridges

    I’m at a very calm, but happy state while using this. I could take a nap or just hang out and relax. Great product!

  3. Serenity Savage

    It with other CBD strains have been absolute blessings for seizure-disorders, neurological-impairments and the struggles attached. Cognitive abilities are incredibly improved with strains high in both CBD/THC. The Kush strains, because of their exceptional naturally high levels of CBD, make the improvements that much better. For anyone with the aforementioned conditions…Please, try Blue Dream…It, the Kush strains and other Strains with CBD are medical miracles!!! They aid, beyond description, with both retaining and processing info, fight-or-flight responses and lessening the stress induced by these hardships.

  4. Maddie Strickland

    Delicious, works wonderfully. Hopefully blue dream stays in stock

  5. Jedd Bean

    Liked this very much and would purchase again.

  6. Areeb Finch

    I really like this product, it relaxes me and I can sleep because it calms my pain… I have had 10 back operations and the pain is very strong in my back and legs and this product relaxes me and helps me with the pain, I recommend it

  7. Marcia HubbardMarcia Hubbard

    I have tried just about every cart from every dispensary and this is by far my favorite. This is my go-to everyday cart. Definitely the hardest-hitting cart I have tried from any dispensary. It tastes great, it feels great, and it is worth every penny and more. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Cieran Norman

    Great flavor, feels relaxed and slightly euphoric. Potent for sure, but I always go through carts relatively quickly.

  9. Antonio Burt

    A good product with an okay taste. A little bit goes a long way. Good for relaxing and staying focused; helps me alot with panic attacks and anxiety.

    I would compare it to the Surterra brand ‘Soothe’ products or the ‘Cabana Daydreamin’ products by Coral Reefer in terms of the effect

  10. Hamzah Randall

    I LOVE this pen! Nice calming feeling and it taste great! Check out my family at Brandon Surterra! They are the best!

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