Citrix Strain



Citrix Strain

Citrix weed strain is a balanced hybrid strain created through a cross of the insanely delicious Grapefruit and LA Confidential strains. Citrix weed  is a premium cannabis strain known for packing a burst of flavor with every puff. Citrix is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a terpene profile unique to itself. Many consumers describe its taste and aroma as being earthy, sweet, and full of citrus. It is no shock Citrix buds are covered in trichomes and have tremendous jar appeal. Even though Citrix tends to lean sativa-dominant, its effects are relatively balanced. Overall, Citrix is a top-notch strain which meets all quality standards! Even the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs enjoy puffing down on some Citrix. citrix strain indica or sativa.


Anyone who enjoys a cannabis flower with a pungent and unique flavor profile would fall in love with citrix weed. Not only is its taste off the charts, but it packs a mighty high. Most Citrix plants test around 18 percent to 22 percent THC. Citrix is the trifecta of strains; excellent bud structure, delicious aroma and taste, beautiful jar appeal. Both consumers and medical marijuana patients thoroughly enjoy the effects of Citrix. Due to the strains potent sativa effects, it is an ideal flower for a morning smoke session. In fact, Citrix pairs perfectly with a glass of OJ in the morning! citrix strain terpenes

Positive Effects of Citrix Strain

Consumers have found the effects of Citrix to be fast-acting and clear-headed. Overall, the high from Citrix weed is energizing, creative, and euphoric. Citrix is particularly suitable for smoking before a workout or even getting some chores done around the house. citrix strain effects.

Negative Effects  

The adverse effects of Citrix are slim to none. Some consumers report feeling anxious when consuming high dosages. The most common adverse effect is cottonmouth. citrix strain thc level

Lineage of Citrix

The heritage of Citrix is a stellar pairing. It is a cross between LA Confidential and Grapefruit. Both parents combine to give Citrix its distinct flavor and aroma. citrix strain near me

Growing Citrix

Citrix strain is an easier strain to grow than most. It has a short flowering time of 55 to 65 days and does well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Citrix tends to grow about 68-72 inches tall. The average yield of Citrix is not the best, but it is still rather strong. Cultivars love having Citrix around for its pleasant aroma and beautiful buds. citrix strain seeds

Where to Find Citrix Strain

Citrix strain is not always readily available to the consumer. It is most abundant in California, Arizona, and Illinois. However, it is slowly making its way into other legal markets. citrix strain review, buy citrix strain, citrix strain allbud. citrix leafly.


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