Grape Nana Strain




THC 16 to 21%
CBD  2%
EFFECTS Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, 
Chronic Pain, Depression, 
Gastrointestinal Disorder, Insomnia
, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress
BEST FOR Day time use 

Grape Nana is an Indica dominant strain (70% Indica – 30% Sativa), like its predecessor strains Banana and Grape. The flavor/smell starts sweet, but then a skunky scent takes over. This strain is ideal for night use, as it is very calming for the mind, accompanied by a warming body sensation.

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 Grape nana weed strain ancestry is certainly Indica and the same can be said of Banana OG which is an offspring of OG Kush X Banana Kush. The crossbreeding of these two strains gave birth to Grape Nana, one of the dankest buds you can burn on a laid-back evening. Grape Nana’s 70% Indica component doesn’t come as a surprise, but it could leave you stoned like you’ve been hit by a supercharged stunner.

Grape Nana weed smells of candy and banana with a hint of skunk when broken and ground. Upon exhale during decarboxylation, the pungent OG smell is accentuated. It delivers long-lasting euphoria and a mild cerebral stimulation. The body stone it delivers is more pronounced during the comedown, as it delivers deep relaxation to body and mind. Grape Nana strain is ideal for use in the night.

Grape Nana Genetics

Grape Nana weed regular cannabis seeds Genetics is a new cannabis strain that is part of a launch of new seeds from this legendary Colorado-based breeder, all of which are based around the special genetics of their celebrated strain Grape Pie BX.

Grape Nana is derived from a selected cross of Banana OG x Grape Pie BX to produce a fruity, flavour some hybrid with a deceptive potency.

Growers operating in legal areas can look forward to stable, uniform plants with abundant branching and structure. Grape Nana finishes with a crystalline coating of sticky trichomes, so this is an excellent choice for herbal extractions in terms of resin production and terpene profile. grape nana strain leafly

Flavours and aromas are sweet, indulgent and fruity with a gassy aftertaste on the palate. This high-yielding hybrid has an average flowering time of between 8-9 weeks.


14 Grams, A Pound, An Ounce, Half Pound, Quarter Pound


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