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What Is Trim auto cannabis

Trim auto cannabis refers to cannabis which has had its leaves removed. Proper trimming techniques are associated with a higher quality and a more aesthetically pleasing final product.Smoking trim is generally avoided as it is harsh, can irritate the throat and lungs, and cause headaches. In addition, weed trimmings lack the potency of buds. trim auto cannabis

What is Cannabis Trim Used For?

Trimmed leaves that are close to the buds, otherwise known as sugar leaves, may be coated with trichomes and are a viable source of material for concentrates and other purposes, if processed correctly. These leaves may have a lower THC content by mass, but physical and chemical extraction techniques can harness the active resin from the sugar trim into edibles, extracts, or concentrates.

For millennia, this has been achieved by physically agitating the leaves through sieves, removing the trichomes, which are used to make hashish, or hash. Chemical extraction using solvents such as butane or liquid carbon dioxide (the same solvent used to decaffeinate coffee) is a modern method used by extraction labs to make butane hash oil (BHO) or CO2 oil. Concentrates created using trim are referred to as “trim-run.”

Make Some Hash!

One of the most common uses for Cannabis trim is making it into hash. Using trim to make hash is one of the oldest methods for making hash. The extraction process is similar to the decarboxylation process you go through before cooking with cannabis. Take a silk screen and place a sheet of wax paper underneath it. Rub your trim on the screen over the wax paper, collecting all the kief crystals as you go. Scrape them all together and use your pollen press to press your kief into hash! cannabis trimmer jobs

You Can Also Make Cannabutter!

Edibles anyone? Another very common use for weed trim is to use it to make cannabutter. If your trim has a lot of trichomes on it, you may end up with some pretty potent edibles! First you have to make sure that you decarboxylate your trimmings to obtain the maximum psychoactive effect.

How to Trim Cannabis

Regardless of preference for wet or dry trimming, the act of removing unnecessary plant material from the buds can be done either by hand or machine. Hand-trimming involves the use of clean, sharp scissors or shears, and must be done carefully while being mindful of how each cut will influence the final product. Cannabis trimming performed by hand allows growers to express the perfectionism in their craft as they sculpt each bud to bring out its full potential. Sugar leaves and stems are removed to expose the swollen bracts beneath. cannabis trimmer jobs los angeles

Trimmers can arrange their workstations to collect any trichomes that are shaken off during the trimming process . The latex gloves that are worn during trimming are often saved to collect the residual cannabis resin that sticks to the fingertips of the gloves. Trimming can take place over a fine screen to collect kief underneath. After use, shears are scraped with a razor, to collect any residual cannabis resin. Cannabis machine-trimming removes the human element from this process. Automatic trimming devices are used to separate superfluous plant matter that surrounds the buds. cannabis trimmer job description

Just as with wet and dry trimming, trimming by machine or by hand has pros and cons. Hand-trimming is more precise, better protects trichomes from unintentional removal, and provides employment. It is also more expensive and time-consuming. Machine trimming is fast and reduces labor costs, but is less precise and can result in loss of trichomes and missed by-products that contain unwanted plant matter, such as leaves and stems. Most machine-trimming devices are only useful for wet trimming, though some claim they can work with dry trimming as well.

Where to Get Cannabis Trim/Buy Cannabis Trim online

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6 reviews for Cannabis Trim

  1. Aliyah Cotton

    I guess it works just doesnt do a very tight trim. Still some hand trimming does save some time. Wouldn’t use it on dry as it does get a little rough will loose alot of the good stuff.

  2. Bronwyn Mcfarland

    Wow! Nice product! Saved me a couple hours and a stiff neck this morning. Don’t overload it and it does a decent wet trim. I did hand cut the largest of the easier to snip fans but probably wouldn’t have had to. Cleaned up fast, too. Lotta good shake, too. I’d definitely buy it again.

  3. Veronika Grimes

    Works…. kinda… if it’s for personal use and you don’t mind how you end product looks you can use it beats the hell out of your product… one blade is for wet one is for dry… with the amount of damage done to wet buds I was scared to put dry ones in because I knew it would disintegrate them. Like it said if for personal it’s alright plus it basically shreds everything so it’s kinda like a big fancy 100$ grinder (insert sarcasm) . Spend the extra money on the “trimbag” dry trimmer.

  4. Aairah Steele

    I’m so glad that I purchased this! It has definitely sped up my harvest. I own several iPower products (lights, filters, etc) and all work well. It is well built, feels solid when spinning, cleans easily. Most importantly, it works!

    I have no reservations recommending this to others.

  5. Oliwier Stanley

    I was skeptical about this because of the cost and the idea that I’m a perfectionist. I bought it to try it out and I WISH I BOUGHT ONE A DECADE AGO. It does the same job that a human hand can do in 10-25% of the time. That’s right, this sucker saves 75-90% of your time — just be very careful with the blade. I was wiping it down with a tripled up (thick) sweatshirt and the blade sliced through the material and my flesh without any effort at all.

  6. Ho Denton

    Easy to use, does the trick for the most part. I used it to dry trim, and it definitely cuts the time i spent more than in half. I have severe carpal tunnel so hand trimming wasn’t an option. It does leave some needing fine tuned with hand trimmers, (which it came with a free set!) But overall, I’m pleased with it. The keef and trim are caught in the bowl and saved better than with hand trimming as well. I’ll definitely use it year after year.

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