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Runtz Rocks are moonrocks (cannabis buds, dipped in or mixed with hash oil and kief). These rocks have very high THC as compared to the normal Runtz weed buds, with a THC content of about 50%.

These rocks will take you to the skies. After taking these rocks, you will get so high you wouldn’t be able to feel your eyebrows or even touch them physically. Smoking these is worth every penny you spend on them.

What are Runtz Rocks?

Like traditional moonrocks which were popularized in the West Coast by the famous rapper Kurupt, Runtz are   buds mixed in hash oil and kief, in the same manner as normal kush when creating the classic moonrocks.

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Taking a hit of Runtz will produce a very pleasant terpene-rich taste of kief, giving you the “WOOO”. As a delicious smoke, it produces big full smoke clouds, with each hit having its own unique experience.

My-o-my the high is awesome. It starts in the head, slowly spreading throughout your entire body, down to your toes. A Runtz rocks high is a slow bud that you don’t feel at first but discover after a few minutes that you have been taking away to another galaxy, far off into another end of the universe.

These rocks are for OGs. One user confessed to taking a few blunts in the evening and was still stoned the next morning when he woke up from the bed. They are good for social events like parties as they are fun and good conversation-starters.

Runtz Rocks For Sale

These rocks will get you super high and are very cost-effective. We’ve got the best prices here at Runtz official and are very affordable. They come in 3.5g mylar vacuum-sealed bags. We’ve got them packaged using the best Los Angeles Farmers jungle boys packaging methods and do discreet delivery. You can alternatively get white Runtz or pink runtz if you are an amateur and think this is not for you.


hp(228grams), OZ(28grams), Qp(114grams)


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